Long-Template Libraries for Next-Generation Sequencing

RedVault Biosciences has been awarded a competitive Phase I, Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Cancer Institute to further develop its proprietary long-template sequencing technology.  RedVault will use the funding to establish feasibility for the promising technology, which leverages long template dumbells and advanced enzyme complexes to obtain sequence information over long stretches of contiguous genomic DNA using commercially-available next-generation sequencing platforms.  Successful development of this approach could significantly enhance the research community’s ability to resolve inherent and disease generated structural variation, while laying a foundation for further applications in genomic medicine.

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External link opens in new tab or windowAdditional information on the grant, titled Efficient Creation of Long-Template Libraries for Next-Generation Sequencing, can be found at NIH Reporter.

External link opens in new tab or windowThe intellectual property of the long template sequencing technology is covered by a pending PCT patent application.

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